CommonGrounds Carlsbad offers a collaborative office workspace that serves as an accelerating platform for small businesses to grow. Inspired by this, the project team created an environment that stimulates creativity, productivity and constructive competition amongst members. As soon as members step into the space they are greeted by a dynamic mix of textures and materials that liven the office, including locally sourced furniture, decorative light fixtures, and lush greenery. The office offers an open plan with smaller points of collaboration throughout where members can retreat for privacy or group work.

Additional highlights of the space include: ● Large flex area where local and regional influencers can rent the space for presentations and classes ● Locally sourced furniture and materials throughout ● The building’s original concrete and steel architecture was preserved to provide a source of authenticity and warmth throughout the office ● A color palette comprised of blue hues and grey tones that easily blend with the light wood and steel ● Burst of inspirational messaging on the walls created by a local artist

Photography by - Ian Patzke