Sportlifestyle brand PUMA is expanding beyond the traditional mall storefront experience into their first-ever, self-contained kiosks designed by Colkitt&Co. The design concept for PUMA’s pop-up program is a kit of parts that can be assembled in shopping malls across the country, with variations depending on specific leasing requirements of each location including overall dimensions, colors and merchandise display features.

The design of each PUMA Pad is a strong visual of the brand, showcasing footwear and apparel, allowing PUMA to interact with their customers at a new level of shopability and convenience.

The PUMA Pad at Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, New York is a 10’x15’ kiosk (150 square feet) with eye-catching design elements including:

-An L-shaped layout, open only from two of the four sides of the kiosk.

-A red, perforated steel band holds the unit together, wrapping around the corner of the kiosk, leading to a grid-like ceiling system that also serves to display apparel.

-Graphics printed on the closed side and back of the kiosk to improve brand recognition from all viewpoints.

Photography by John Bartelstone