PUMA Dadeland

Renowned global sport brand PUMA recently joined 17 other retailers and restaurants in the new 102,000-square-foot expansion of Dadeland Mall in Kendall, Florida. Seeking to create a unique retail environment and encourage consumer interaction, plajer & franz studio developed the store design and store concept, and Colkitt&Co collaborated with PUMA North America’s design team as the architect. Marrying industrial-inspired materials and various shades of grey with Art Deco accents, the team achieved a yin and yang balance in the space that unifies joy, innovation, simplicity and local relevance.

From the external facade to the interior fitting rooms, the store is brimming with thoughtful choices that complement the strong design. The exterior, designed by Colkitt&Co, features a fresh take on the L-shaped red fixture seen on PUMA storefronts across the world originally crafted by PUMA’s architect, Steven Kanner. The brand’s signature red color was then layered and woven throughout the front and back of the glass facade to create depth and movement. “Red was pushed and pulled in and out of the store, allowing the PUMA logo to seemingly float on the exterior glass and stand out amongst neighboring storefronts,” added Nathan Lee Colkitt, founder and president of Colkitt&Co.

Upon entering the space, the runway-like, streamlined layout visually extends the length of the store to the back wall. Numerous clean lines, from energy-efficient LED track lighting to rectangular product display tables, emphasize a focus on the merchandise in a product-forward environment. The use of pegboard-styled wall displays, expanded metal shelving, and varying shades of grey play off the industrial design theme, but also contrast smoother textures seen in the tile flooring and black cashier desk with a monochromatic, indented PUMA logo graphic. Individual pendant lights also hang above the cash wrap, creating a subtle balance between products and fixturization.

Adding elements of surprise and playfulness to the efficient space plan are themed fitting rooms designed by PUMA North America’s design team, in collaboration with Colkitt&Co, that incorporate Miami beach flair found throughout the local community. One wall is covered by beach-scene wallpaper, while another has white washed slats, similar to what would be found on a beach shack. Seating inside the fitting rooms resemble a colorful beach chair, but are finished in PUMA’s signature red color. The floor features ceramic tiles with a custom water graphic, and the ceiling boasts a light fixture that’s inspired by a cloud, further adding to the beach environment created in the fitting rooms.

Photography by Greg Clark