PUMA Atlantic City

"Colkitt&Co has created a flexible, sustainable retail design that they will be implementing in [PUMA](http://us.puma.com/) factory outlet centers. The new locations will use mobile fixture kits to allow more flexibility in retail design as well as set a precedent for LEED Platinum retail design.

The fixtures include interchangeable stock parts made of 100 percent recycled materials, leading to a 35 percent more energy efficient overall store design. Materials used include all renewable wood, recycle metals such as hot rolled mild steel, and FSC-certified Plyboo and Wheatboard. The LED lighting that illuminates the space is strategically placed at a 45 degree diagonal pattern which works to reduce the lighting quantity and energy load.

The factory outlet center model is meant to be used in additional retail environments other than PUMA, but special considerations were taken into account by PUMA in an effort to understand their own carbon footprint. All elements of the space, including construction, design, investments, and sustainability, were carefully selected to improve shopability for the customer and to foster a more efficient and green lifecycle for materials.

In addition, the design for PUMA is extremely flexible in terms of seasonal and inventory needs with the ability to be packed up and changed quickly to accomodate relocating with minimal deconstruction and waste." - Valentina Palladino, Otto

Photography by Garrett Rowland