Architect Nathan Lee Colkitt speaks in lists. “Handmade, leather soled, and form to the foot” make up the case for his absolute favorite Common Projects sneakers. “Ambiance cuisine and service” are his three measures for the perfect San Diego brunch, which he gives to The Inn at Ranch Santa Fe. Lists aren’t surprising for the exacting nature of an architect, especially one who is snapping up big-deal accolades left and right. The visionary behind the Challenged Athletes Foundation Center was awarded an Orchid for his transformation of the center. “It’s a one-of-a-find building for a one-of-a-kind organization,” says the 35-year-old, who prides himself on a client list of “organization helping to better the planet.” They include Puma Soho, Access Youth Academy and Dlush at The Rock Church. The Tacoma native, who grew up surrounded by bungalows of the Pacific Northwest, traded them for his mostly concrete crib in Little Italy. Whether walking his neighborhood or meeting clients at faves such as Bencotto or Craft & Commerce, Colkitt oversees his growing firm wearing an effortless uniform of Evisu jeans, cotton Calvin Klein tees and an Eric Bompard cashmere sweater that “gets softer with every wear.”

Written By Gillian Flynn, Chantal Gordon, Alison Miller and Shelby Stanger

Photography by Bode Helm

Styling by Alex Yanez with Jade Graham

Makeup and Grooming by