Daniel Woo, the owner of Sushilicious set out to open a fun, fresh, modern, affordable family sushi chain restaurant. With a sense of humor, Sushilicious is a 2,400 square foot cross-cultural experience that pulls inspiration from everything entertaining in Japanese and American pop culture.

Guests are greeted in the reception area with warm, tropical wood set in a variegated surface, backlit glass and a stainless steel counter top. The brand immediately beckons with transparent glass, enabling customers to engage in the unique Sushilicious experience from a wide vantage point. The tactile environment also incorporates salt and pepper tabletops, supple leather, recycled flexible seating and bright, bold colors on the walls. Graphics are rich and playful, as they are both foreign and familiar at the same time.

Lighting was also given special attention, including: task lighting to showcase the sushi chefs, ambient lighting covering the seating areas to cast each guest in a warm, even and comfortable glow, and accent lighting on the graphics and other visuals around the space.

As a Kaiten-styled sushi restaurant, the conveyor belt is built of stainless steel and metallic laminates. The revolving format brings the sushi straight to the dining tables. Menu items can also be ordered from the chefs at the bar, as the seating design encourages communication between the chefs and the guests. In all the space radiates sleekness with a fun personality to match the unique experience of revolving sushi.

Colkitt worked closely with Hollis Brand Culture on all
environmental graphics, branding and signage opportunities.

Photography by Cheryl Ramsay