Dlush Rock Church

San Diego megachurch, Rock Church, located in Point Loma, California, is now home to Dlush Lounge, an innovative cafe on the church grounds for all staff, students, Sunday-goers, and visitors to enjoy. Dlush and Pastor Miles McPherson, former NFL player and lead pastor of the 20,000+ attendee megachurch, brought on Colkitt&Co and Hollis Brand Culture to complete the transformation from stodgy cafeteria, to trendy lounge and cafe.

In order to create an atmosphere that encourages lounging and conversations after church services, Colkitt&Co went with an open design concept that features a stage for events, numerous tables and seating options, and a full kitchen. From a design perspective, Colkitt&Co had to be discerning with the utilization of space as they created a “wrap” format that is contemporary, yet practical. Each design element speaks to the multi-purpose intention of the space, but in a very appealing, hip manner.

Dlush, the high-energy lifestyle food and beverage enterprise, also expanded their brand, transitioning from only serving smoothies, coffee, tea, and milkshakes, to now offering a variety of food at Rock Church as well. The menu includes mid-priced gourmet sandwiches with a twist, homemade desserts, and a variety of playful drink concoctions. Dlush also gives five percent of every sale back to Rock Ministries.

Next on the agenda, Dlush is collaborating with Colkitt&Co to completely transform a 2,000-square-foot cafeteria space at the University of California, San Diego into a lounge and restaurant for students, much like the one at Rock Church. Construction at Dlush UCSD will begin this summer and is expected to open September 2013.

Photography by Cheryl Ramsay