Cartel Coffee

Located near Gates C11-C20 in Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport Terminal 4, Cartel Coffee Lab has several options available for the coffee connoisseurs. The design of the space was inspired by the brand’s focus on fresh, locally craft roast whole bean coffee.

The 566 square foot space catches the passerby’s eye with bold, lime green features such as the signage, walls and recessed ceiling panels. The bright color is counter-balanced with warmer, industrial design elements such the tones found in the wall and floor coverings, stainless steel countertops and appliances, chain links holding the wood menus in place and metal dividers to indicate where customers can stand in line to place their order. Just outside the space sits a bar where customers can enjoy their coffee and food before boarding their plane. Overall, the space is warm and inviting, indicating what guests can expect to find with the craft of coffee and food.

Photography by Cheryl Ramsay