Challanged Athletes Foundation

Much like the dynamic athletes the space hosts and represents, this Deni & Jeff Jacobs Challenged Athlete’s Center shines in its humble environment; transcending its original intent to become both an inspiration to those who work and visit the building, as well as an enhancement to its surroundings. Situated in a commercial park in Mira Mesa, this structure was originally one of the many nondescript cookie-cutter office buildings it is currently surrounded by, and now, the contrast is striking. As one juror noted, “It’s like the hot girl moved in next door!” Transforming a mundane, mirrored office building into an iconic structure, the Challenges Athletes Center changed the nature of the entire office park. The building features an innovative façade and establishes a bold identity, while simultaneously allowing natural light to softly pepper the interior spaces. Internally, the weaving of spaces, undefined at times, forces interaction yet playfully overlaps, allowing flexibility of uses according to the changing needs of the facility, whether it is for sports, recreation or fundraising. This remarkable exterior transformation allows the building to stand out and creates a fresh identity. Colkitt worked closely with Hollis Brand Culture on all environmental graphics, branding, interactive exhibits and signage opportunities.

Photography by Cheryl Ramsay