New Italian Blood

The'Grand' jury had a privileged experience of poetry and vision. On one side focused on tools and abstract spaces inspired by the cinematography and the future, with architectural/spatial nature; on the other built on the necessary integration between the physical world and internet through real displays in the city made known thanks to the web or on an exclusive permanence in the real just enriched by technology. If some exhibit interfaces with a prevalent architectural reference to reproduce real spaces with characteristics of gravity and design ideas deducted from the real world, others, bore the development of the most advanced web technologies, and experiment instead with the exclusive possibilities offered by cyberspace. Artistic interfaces combine real and virtual with ways of movement and navigation brought on only by instruments, graphics, sensations and mental associations. The effective body possibily no longer counts. The speed of mind reaction multiplies to go further than the image of the built space and communicates the space of thought. The proposals that best express concepts and strategies of transformation, evolution and self-organisation, using the peculiar resources of the web are, naturally, those that are dynamic and interactive. The user can move through the path pre-conceived by the designer-director, can build a unique and personal experience or can contribute in the realisation of a communal experience, discovering the form and assisting in the construction and evolution of the rules for the creation of virtual worlds open to all.