Hypercube Dubai

Rather than look outward we looked inward. Most landmarks are a singular event. For the HYPERCUBE We created a landmark for Dubai that is a multiplicity of space. It’s a landmark that encompasses the 7 fundamental spatial experiences of man: the cave of wisdom, the field of existence, the path of knowledge, the river of belief, the peak of power, the fissure of force, and the jetty of truth. Each space is an opportunity for a visitor to absorb and be absorbed into. Every one of the 7 experiences is woven in the fabric of this place, while discovering a universal principle in themselves, others, the world, and beyond. The HYPERCUBE is monolithic from afar, however, densely layered as you get closer and closer. It’s a smart glass exterior, with a double curtain wall façade for passive cooling. The structure is steel and there are giant rusty steel panels laser cut with languages from around the globe. The inner experiences are very intricate yet surprisingly minimal and layered spaces. You can’t get any simpler than the cube. NLCA created a place that is simple on the outside yet diverse on the inside. As inspiration, we turned to the black monolith in “2001: A Space Odyssey.” In developing the cube we asked ourselves, if the landmark is a perfect cube and it has seven fundamental experiences how do we turn the monolith into an experience of multiplicity? We wanted to create a monolith with a world inside. As our process unfolded we discovered that there existed such a cube in the fourth dimension: The Hypercube, or tesseract.