Cuban Immigrant Museum

The pier is the quintessential destination experience. It is a sea looked at and never touched, a threshold of dreams never crossed, a place where imagination, desire, and memory dance. Our proposal for the CUBAN IMMIGRANT MUSEUM in Miami exemplifies the pier. The pier is a place where we can go and contemplate life and return from the trip. The pier is a place to see the sea, to visit the unconscious. It's a place to look out and remember we all came from the same sea on the same struggle and landed on the same land. On any excursion there is a point after departure that one refuses to return or quit the journey, but due to the distance already traversed, one must press on. We have come this far, we might as well see this journey through, one says to himself. This point is a critical threshold in the pier experience. The pier is a destination, and going to the pier and not reaching the end is unacceptable. On a hero's journey its the relationship of the level of adversity to the distance travelled that push us forward. The point of no return is a critical psychological moment in the event of the pier that justifies the struggle to the end.