Nathan Lee Colkitt, AIA, IIDA, NCARB

Nathan Lee Colkitt, an Arizona architecture graduate, is the founder and CEO of the architecture firm, Colkitt&Co. After graduating and apprenticing for a number of years in California, Nathan began his practice in 2006 and has since expanded with a second office in New York.

The reason for his success is his passion; Nathan has been in love with architectural design as far back as he could remember. His first mentor, his father, was a talented designer and custom home builder who introduced him to the world of architecture. “My father taught me everything about architecture before I reached the age of 10. We built our own doors, windows, furniture and more from scratch. Of course, I thought this was a normal thing to do.” he says. “Fast-forward about 20 years, to when I started my own practice in 2006. I love impacting others through innovative design; in hindsight, this is what drives me” Besides his father, Nathan’s personal experience with other mentors have also inspired him to always give back, by sharing his experience and knowledge with others. “I've been very blessed with many great mentors including Stephen Kanner, an architects' architect and always a gentleman, and Ken Ronchetti, a brilliant architect that understood proportions in space better than anyone,” Nathan recalls.

In order to achieve all of his clients’ goals, Nathan emphasizes a holistic approach to design and focuses on the space and its functionality. “If you challenge conventional wisdom, often times you can debunk long standing myths about how you’re ‘supposed to’ approach creating positive or intriguing experiences through layout and spatial proportions. Space is a place for ritual human activity; truly understand the ritual, and you will understand the space and what is necessary to create it.”

Colkitt’s process is rooted in collaborative design with people, brands, agencies and communities. He and his team strive to not only create beautiful and functional spaces for their clients, but to also infuse positive energy in each and every space. They are inspired by the context and content of the business models and ideas that drive each project, but the firm’s main inspiration is its clients. “We exist at the benevolence and generosity of others,” says Nathan. “I truly believe this, and this is why I love working with clients. I love listening and trying to truly understand and bring their goals to fruition with the best possible outcome and the greatest good, given project constraints.” Colkitt’s core belief and commitment to the brands, people, agencies and communities he works with is what makes Colkitt&Co successful.

Colkitt&Co’s recent work includes hundreds PUMA retail stores worldwide, Cartel Coffee at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Deni & Jeff Jacobs Challenged Athlete’s Center in San Diego, Cannonball sushi restaurant at Belmont Park, San Diego, residential developments in California and New York, and many more. Nathan is a registered architect in 25 states as well as a member of the American Institute of Architects and the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. Colkitt has also been a Studio Instructor for Woodbury University and a Design Instructor at Newschool of Architecture.