A group of innovators, architects, designers, builders and doers, we create meaningful experiences with mission-driven brands, organizations and developments inspired by the relationships and ideas that shape our every day. We focus on impacting lives with innovation through the pursuit of performance. Let's BE DRAWN ™ together.

Innovation Impacting Lives

Captivated by the innate goodness we see in the environment and people, Colkitt cannot help but envision, create and perpetuate optimism. Colkitt’s influences are personal, and our success hinges on our ability to understand our clients, share their vision and push them to new heights. The importance we place on relationships is fueled by our passion of people and place. This passion propels us to BE DRAWN ™ to work with clients that positively impact lives.

Our Values

1. Innovating to Impact: We observe "Form is Performance" - space is the beautiful choreography of human activity. We believe to make great spaces you have to fundamentally and intimately understand the nature of what will go on there. Thus architecture is "space for ritualistic human activity." Whether it’s a restroom or a ballroom, all human activities are ritualistic and deserve to be celebrated. The better we know each brand, the better we can help them innovate and achieve their goals!

2. Optimistic Goodness: Being good is a choice and our goal is to make space that helps elevate us. We all need more positive energy in life, we feed off of it and goodness snowballs. Through color, materials, light, and texture we want to make people smile and embrace life. Design is the celebration of life and buildings should be places that enhance and elevate our daily activities. We have no right not to try to make the world a better place.

3. Mission-Driven: Great partnerships make for great enviroments. We strive to work with mission driven brands and organizations. Working with brands like Access Youth Academy, Dlush Lounge, The Rock Church, and sports lifestyle giant PUMA, all are focused on innovative brand experiences and environments. We get to intimately know and celebrate our mission driven partners.

4. Sustainability: Our dedication to the sustainability can be quickly referenced in our realization of the mission of sports lifestyle brand PUMA as we have participated in the PUMA outlet at Destiny USA mall in Syracuse, New York to be formally recognized by the USGBC as LEED Platinum certified. According to USGBC, there are only 17 other Platinum level projects in the LEED ID+C Retail category in the US.